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Adult Workshops

Conscious Communication is an 8-week online mentorship with Chantelle where we open our hearts and minds to connecting with Animals and Nature in a very conscious way. This goes way beyond the physical connection, but rather an intuitive, psychic opening, that allows you to see the world with completely new eyes. Veils lift and fears dissolve as a whole new perspective of Life and Living sets in. You can never view an animal as “just an animal” again once you’ve felt this incredible soul connection, and you’ve “heard” it’s voice and “listened” to it’s story. You can never see a tree as “just something to give you shade” again or to be chopped down thoughtlessly, once you’ve felt it’s wisdom and understood it’s purpose.

Love is the Fibre that connects us all with fine golden threads, something like a giant, magnificent web, whether we are conscious of it or not. These threads become stronger and more vibrant, the more love we share between us. Love is the very thing that strengthens our existence and therefore our immune system, enabling us to enjoy a great and healthy life, as God intended for you. Love knows no shape, race, color or species. Love simply desires to CONNECT. It’s time.

In this 8-week journey, we will, amongst other things, cover the following :

* understand the workings of your energy and clean up your own vibe

* learn to connect with each-other and Nature

* tune-in, connect & communicate with animals

* read photographs of animals* learn to track & locate animals

Price: USD 195

This workshop is the first of its kind with me! It’s the practical application… the blending and merging of all the stuff I’ve done with you before… but now integrated into an interactive, cutting-edge, intelligent, engaging, creative and in-spirational 5-part workshop. It’s Alchemy in Action and it’s all about YOU! Because ultimately, that is where it begins, and that is where it ends.  I’ll guide you through your fears and help you turn them around so that you can see the true gift in each experience. You will learn to let go and to operate from your place of full-alignment, the only place to authentically create any lasting change and inspired growth. You will get to know and see yourself in a way you haven’t done before and feel and understand the value of living from the inside-out.  You will feel empowered, knowing there is nothing you cannot face, or come to terms with, or manifest for yourself.  You will leave with the tools that will take you to the next level of Alchemy. So fellow Alchemists, let’s dig-in, dig deep and let the next level of Alchemy begin…

Price: USD 95

One of the workshops I offer is called ‘Core Alchemy’. Core obviously being your centre, your being. Alchemy being changing base energies, lead energies back into creative life force. Core Alchemy is all about understanding what inside of you is creating the limitations within you. It’s about looking within yourself and getting real with yourself, being honest with yourself, asking yourself the hard questions… but man-oh-man those are the questions that have high voltage energy and those are the questions that actually create the change. When you are no longer prepared to run away – what we call the fight-or-flight syndrome. You either run away or shut down, or if you’re a guy often the fists will fly, but you are actually prepared to turn around and say YES to whatever the universe is handing you at this point in time. That’s when you take responsibility. That’s when you are able to look within and take the journey within. That’s where all the answers lie and that’s when true alchemy occurs.

Price: USD 25