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Are you ready for a "New Earth" ?

To create a ‘New Earth’, there are two ESSENTIAL ingredients: IMAGINATION and COMPASSION. For us to create a new way of being, of living, of existing, we need to IMAGINE a new way of doing things. What place would be better to begin than a child’s beautiful and fertile imagination? However, instead of imagining fear and a world filled with limitation, let them imagine a beautiful and vast planet, filled with abundance, opportunities, co-creation, and magnificence. A place where everyone is respected and we can all co-exist in harmony with other species and learn to speak the Language of Love and Kindness, which is understood by everyone and everything. It is the language the deaf can hear, the blind can see and the mute can speak.

Who are the SunKidz ?

All around the globe today, we are finding uniquely special youngsters. They shine light, they live consciously, and they have come to earth to protect Mother Nature, not damage her. Today, we find ourselves in very unusual times, when so much of the ‘old world’ is breaking down and new ways of living must be established fast to preserve and sustain our precious natural resources. SunKidz are here to help ensure this happens. They must shine. That is their purpose: to radiate positive thinking, to speak out, and to make a difference.
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